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MiniNODE v2 CAN Interface Converter

MiniNODE v2 CAN Interface Converter

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Mini v2 node is a general-purpose CAN converter. It has 2 groups of pins for a typical 5V servo (PWM+5V+GND) and 2 groups of pins for a typical ESC with UART feedback (PWM+FB+GND). The nodes come with a preloaded Cyphal/CAN application that converts typical PX4/Ardupilot commands (sp.Vector31, RawCommand, ArrayCommand) into PWM 50-400 Hz.

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Note that RaccoonLab MiniNODE v2 ships with 1 pc JST 4-pin 0.17m cable. It comes with Cyphal firmware by default. If you want UAVCAN firmware, please add a note on the cart page.

More info is available on the product documentation page.

Template firmware repository for custom development.

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  • Main Specifications

     Feature MiniNODE
    Input Voltage 5.5 – 30 V
    PWM outputs
    CAN connectors 2 UCANPHY Micro (JST-GH 4)
    2 6-pin Molex
    DC-DC Yes (built-in)
    Vin voltage sensor Yes
    Mass 6.6 g (with cable 8 g)
    Dimensions 42x27x12 mm

  • This multi-purpose node also offers great potential for custom firmware development, making it a versatile tool for a wide range of applications. You can write your own Cyphal application using the template Cyphal application. You can configure the external pins to work in UART, I2C, or ADC mode.

    The default firmware has main (CAN-PWM) and auxiliary (TTL, ESC feedback, Circuit status, flight time recorder, etc) functions. The board has an internal LED indicator of the current status.