Selling on Cyphal Store

In order to be listed on Cyphal Store, a product (whether software or hardware) has to be related to the Cyphal ecosystem and has to pass a standards compliance test performed by the Cyphal Store team. The extent of the test depends on the advertised functionality of the product and the set of standards and specifications the product is advertised to conform to. The specific scope of the test is defined on a case-by-case basis depending on the capabilities and purpose of the product. Non-software products (i.e., those that involve physical entities such as electronics) must be shipped to the facility indicated by the Cyphal Store team for examination and evaluation at the expense of the seller (Incoterms DDP). Specific information on this subject is provided by the Cyphal Store team upon request (see below for contact details).

Products that have been ascertained to conform to the applicable standards and specifications can be listed on the Cyphal Store. The seller provides the description of the product, sets the price breaks, and possibly other additional information depending on the specifics of the case at hand. Product distribution can be arranged following one of the following strategies depending on the preferences of the seller:

  • Fulfillment by Cyphal Store.
  • Drop shipping.

Fulfillment by Cyphal Store requires the seller to ship goods to one of the warehouses managed by the Cyphal Store team. Fulfillment is carried out by shipping goods directly from the warehouse to the customer. The seller is paid monthly according to the amount of goods sold during the previous month with the 25% sales commission deducted by Cyphal Store; the applicable payment terms are net 60. The usage of the Cyphal Store warehouses is free.

For orders fulfilled by Cyphal Store, returns and refunds are managed by Cyphal Store without direct involvement of the seller. The expenses incurred by Cyphal Store due to returns and refunds (such as logistical expenses and customs fees) are compensated by deducting the expended amount from the following monthly payments to the seller.

Drop shipping is managed by ordering goods directly from the seller with the delivery details specified by the customer. The seller receives payment immediately at the time of placing the order with the 25% Cyphal Store discount applied. The seller dispatches the goods to the customer under Incoterms DDP or CPT. Products listed for drop shipping shall have the maximum lead time of at most 60 days.

For orders fulfilled through drop shipping, returns and refunds are handled on a case-by-case basis through three-way discussion between the customer, the seller, and Cyphal Store, where the latter may serve as a mediator.

Regardless of the distribution strategy chosen, the seller is allowed to sell listed products through other channels (i.e., Cyphal Store does not require exclusivity) as long as the competing distribution channels offer listed products at prices not significantly lower than those listed in the Cyphal Store.

Products that do not conform to the above policies may be delisted.

To become a seller or to consult on the above matters, the Cyphal Store team can be contacted via email