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Zubax Robotics

AmpDrive AD0505 "Myxa" Evaluation Kit

AmpDrive AD0505 "Myxa" Evaluation Kit


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The AD0505 "Myxa" evaluation kit evaluation kit contains a single AD0505 "Myxa" in an aluminum enclosure and a set of accessories:

  • AD0505 "Myxa" A2 or B2
  • Babel, plastic enclosure
  • UCANPHY Micro patch cable, twisted
  • UCANPHY Micro termination plug
  • RC PWM adapter cable for Myxa
  • DCD-Mini standard debug cable
  • Micro USB cable, type B, double shielded
  • DIN 912 stainless steel socket head cap screw, M2.5x6 mm, 4 pcs

AD0505 "Myxa" comes with Telega v1 (Cyphal) firmware installed by default. If you want Telega v0 (UAVCAN) firmware, please add a note on the cart page. The differences are explained here.

Everything can be ordered separately as well, of course.

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