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BoolDrive BD1D50 Mitochondrik Evaluation Board LV

BoolDrive BD1D50 Mitochondrik Evaluation Board LV


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BoolDrive BD1D50 Mitochondrik Evaluation Board LV is a basic reference design and an evaluation board for the BD1D50 "Mitochnodrik LV" motor control module. When combined with Mitochondrik LV, it makes a complete PMSM motor controller suitable for bench testing and evaluation of the Telega motor control technology.

It can come with an integrated CF2 "Babel-Babel", an all-in-one debugger for robotics & drone development.

All external signals of Mitochondrik LV are accessible via the pin headers. Mitochondrik Evaluation Board LV also provides dedicated connectors for 2 Cyphal/CAN interfaces, a Dronecode debug port, and one Aux connector for GPIO and RCPWM. The motor phase wires and the DC link input are connected via M3 screw terminals.

  • Supply voltage range: 13--51 V.
  • Max continuous current/peak phase current amplitude: 10/20 A.
  • Designed strictly for indoor use.

Send an email to for access to the documentation.

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