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BoolDrive BD1D50 "Mitochondrik LV" Integrated Module

BoolDrive BD1D50 "Mitochondrik LV" Integrated Module


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BD1D50 "Mitochondrik LV is an integrated module (like an integrated circuit) that enables third-party hardware engineers to design sophisticated custom motor controllers using our cutting-edge motor control technology – Télega. With Mitochondrik, a regular hardware engineer without prior experience with motor control applications can design a custom field-oriented control ESC (also known as sine wave drive, or vector control) in a few days.

Mitochondrik reduces the time to market and the required engineering expertise for vehicle designers while allowing them to keep manufacturing of key components in-house, thus maintaining a high level of vertical integration.

BoolDrive BD1D50 "Mitochondrik LV" comes with Telega v1 (Cyphal) firmware installed by default. If you want Telega v0 (UAVCAN) firmware, please add a note on the cart page. The differences are explained here.

Learn more and find the documentation on the product homepage.

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