Purchasing from Cyphal Store

Products listed in the Cyphal Store are shipped either directly from warehouses operated by the Cyphal Store team or from manufacturers. The applicable shipping policy and/or delivery terms are indicated per product. Unless indicated otherwise, Incoterms EXW applies to Zubax and RaccoonLab products while Incoterms CPT applies to other vendors' products.

Returns and refunds are settled by contacting the Cyphal Store team via contacts given below. For orders shipped directly from manufacturers, Cyphal Store may act as a mediator between the customer and the seller.

Cyphal Store does not provide technical support related to the application of the products and does not guarantee their suitability or fitness for any particular use. Issues pertaining to the usage of the products procured through Cyphal Store must be brought up to the manufacturer.

To get assistance on the above matters, the Cyphal Store team can be contacted via email support@cyphal.store or by phone +3726891919.