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CANFace CF1 "Babel" CAN-USB/UART Adapter

CANFace CF1 "Babel" CAN-USB/UART Adapter


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CANFace CF1 "Babel" is an advanced USB-CAN and UART-CAN adapter that can be used as a standalone device or as an embeddable module for OEM.

It is designed for use with Cyphal/CAN and other CAN bus protocols. It can be used either as a complete standalone tool, as a development platform for Cyphal/CAN-centric applications, or as an OEM component in larger systems.

Please note that CF1 "Babel" ships without cables. Please add the necessary cable set to your order manually.

Browse cables and accessories for Zubax Babel (none included by default).

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Enclosure options

  • Plastic enclosure - the enclosure is 3D-printed from ABS, HIPS, or nylon; please get in touch for additional options and special requests. The 3D model is published on Thingiverse.
  • Bare board - just the Babel PCB itself. This option is recommended if Babel is intended for use as a surface-mounted module on a larger PCB.


  • General-purpose USB-CAN or UART-CAN adapter.
  • Diagnostic, monitoring, and development tool for Cyphal/CAN networks.
  • Generic CAN bus development board.
  • Programmable CAN unit in OEM applications.
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