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AD0510 "Komar" Open Hardware ESC

AD0510 "Komar" Open Hardware ESC


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Zubax AD0510 "Komar" is a high-quality open-hardware FOC ESC based on the Telega motor control technology. AD0510 is designed to support the propulsion systems of light unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs), and unmanned surface vehicles (USVs). AD0510 is compatible with almost all PMSM and BLDC motors. It is designed to be a part of an integrated drive but allows operation as a separate unit as well. AD0510 is one of the reference designs for the Zubax BD1-D50 "Mitochondrik" control module.

Zubax Komar comes with Telega v1 (Cyphal) firmware installed by default. If you want Telega v0 (UAVCAN) firmware, please add a note on the cart page. The differences are explained here.

The documentation and sources can be found on GitHub.

  • 12...51 V input voltage range (4...12S LiCoO2 battery).
  • Up to 2500 W output power (with 12S LiCoO2 battery).
  • Maximum continuous phase current amplitude 100 A.
  • A software-controllable 5 V BEC.
  • Komar supports a rich set of communication interfaces:
    • Double redundant CAN bus interface.
    • USB Micro-B interface for control, management, and telemetry.
    • Industry-standard RC PWM input.
  • Komar is built using highly reliable automotive-grade AEC-Q-qualified components.
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